The vision of HCF is to support children and youth who are at risk, to help them to become empowered and break out of the cycle of violence in our communities. Our vision is to empower at risk youth in terms of education, counselling, guidance, sexual health education and facilities, and to present to them with alternative options and opportunities in life.


To develop HCF youth intervention programmes that are culturally relevant, age appropriate and holistically supported.

To work in partnership with existing social service providers by adding value to their programmes.

To assist youth with skills and support necessary to help them reach their personal and academic developmental milestones and succeed as adults.

To reduce the personal, environmental, physical and situational barriers that youth face in achieving their aspirations.

To support young girls to have autonomy and authority over their own bodies by reducing the incidences of unplanned pregnancies and supporting teenage mothers to return to school.


Hannah Cornelius Centre


Our main project is the establishment of a Community Centre in Ocean View which serves as a resource and support hub for the community by the community. We are committed to partnering with other community based organisations such as Valley Development Projects and Community Cohesion, to renovate, equip and operationalise this centre and its services.

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