Hannah se dood moet ander help.

Netwerk24: Hanlie Retief gesels met Willem en Anna Cornelius

Around 7.7km of scenic coastal road lies between the violence-torn township of Ocean View and the serene Scarborough home of Anna and Willem Cornelius. It has only been four months since their 21-year-old daughter, Hannah, a student at Stellenbosch university, was abducted, raped and murdered. On Saturday a bullet slammed into the head of nine-year-old Aqueel Davids, who was sitting in the lounge of his Ocean View home. Aqueel is one of at least 13 people, mostly children, killed in the township this year. Anna and Willem are intimately linked to the communities that surround them and are determined, through a trust in honour of their daughter, to find ways to heal and support South Africa’s walking wounded to which they now also belong. By MARIANNE THAMM.

Elegy: Commemorating Hannah’s Life
Gabrielle Goliath

Initiated in 2015, Elegy is a long-term commemorative performance project. Staged in various locations and contexts, each performance calls together a group of female vocal performers who collectively enact a ritual of mourning. Durational and physically taxing, the performance sustains a kind of sung cry – evoking the presence of an absent individual.
Responding to the physical, ontological and structural outworkings of rape-culture in South Africa, Elegy performances recall the identity of individuals whose subjectivities have been fundamentally violated – and who are, as such, all too easily consigned to a generic, all-encompassing victimhood. With each performance commemorating a specific woman or LGBTQI+ individual subjected to fatal acts of gendered and sexualised violence, significant to the work is how loss becomes a site for community, and for empathic, cross-cultural and cross-national encounters. Seeking to work around the kinds of symbolic violence through which traumatised black and brown bodies are routinely objectified, Elegy performances open an alternative intersectional space, wherein mourning is presented as a social and politically productive work – not in the sense of healing or ‘closure’, but as a necessary and sustained irresolution.


Hannah Cornelius (1996–2017)

Joan Hambidge

Hannah Cornelius (1996–2017)
Op ’n foto wagtend
op die Halte na Ewigheid
kyk jy na links,
na die Stasies
genaamd Angs, Vernedering,
Onnoembare …
daar waar die trein
nooit weer
vir jou sal stop
nie. Nimmer,
nee, nooit weer.
Nou op jou soloreis
met geen retoerkaart
ter hand
reis jy na
digby dusketyd

Fish Hoek Walks in Memory of Hannah Cornelius

Bikers Honour the Cornellius family

Bikers came in their hundreds to show their love for the Cornelius family whose daughter Hannah was murdered recently.
On the NG Kerk Church in Fish Hoek family & friends stand in silent salute to this great ‘Band of Brothers’
Indodana sung by the Stellenbosch University Choir.

Hannah: an original poem by Imogen Stirling